Soju and lightning bullets, maybe?… The owner of the mart who saved his life with his eyes

Two hours after reporting, a woman was found on a road in Buan, Jeollabuk-do.


The owner of a mart in Jeonju, Jeonbuk, saved a customer who seemed to be making an extreme choice. He came to the store without power, and when he saw that he was buying soju and lightning bullets, he reported it while worrying.

Reporter Jeong Jin-myeong will tell you what happened.


A mart in Hyoja-dong, Jeonju, around 4 p.m. on the 28th of last month.

A woman in her fifties pulls in on the sidewalk.

A woman wearing a hat and mask brings two soju bottles, lightning bullets, and sweets to the cashier.

The owner of the mart asked about this and that because he looked weak, but he didn’t say anything.

Then I buy one more Lightning Bomb and one lighter.

The owner of the mart had a strange feeling for the first time in his business for 26 years.

I was wondering if I would make an extreme choice.

When the woman left in a different shape, she followed up and wrote down the vehicle number.

After thinking about 30 minutes, I reported it to the police.

[이인자/전북 전주시 효자동 마트 주인 : 의심을 안 해도 되는데 그냥 나만 느끼는 촉이 있었어요, 그 분위기가.]

Upon receiving the report, the police immediately began pursuing.

This is around 4:45 PM.

The woman’s track was discovered on a road in Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do, two hours later.

It is about 50km away from the reported Jeonju.

The woman, persuaded by the police to stop the vehicle, went to the police box and was able to meet her family.

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Lightning bullets and shochu remained under the passenger seat of the vehicle.

It is said that this woman living in Gwangju Metropolitan City had a bad heart and went on a path without a destination.

[윤형선/전북 부안경찰서 경위 : 약간의 우울증 증세는 좀 있었다, 그렇게 얘기를 하더라고요.]

The owner of the mart was belatedly happy to hear that the woman was safe.

[이인자/전북 전주시 효자동 마트 주인 : 그분이 아무 일 없었으면 좋은 일이죠. 거기까지예요, 전. 그래서 어제는 그냥 우리 신랑하고 둘이 파티했어요.]

A small act of worrying about neighbors saved precious lives.

(Screen provided: Jeonbuk Police Agency)

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