“Software will change companies”

Jay Alexander, Keysight Technologies “Software will change companies”

How will the year 2021 develop from the perspective of a technology provider? Jay Alexander, CTO at Keysight Technologies, looks back on an exciting year with topics such as artificial intelligence and 5G. Software will play an important role.

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The topics of 5G, IoT, quantum computing and autonomous driving will continue to gain in importance in 2021.

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Last year was just as difficult for the tech industry as it was for the rest of the economy. But the technical development continues. So also for Keysight Technologies. Its chief technology officer (CTO) Jay Alexander gave an outlook on the year 2021: from artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G to quantum technology and health technology as well as driverless driving.

Software-controlled processes will play an enormous role in 2021. According to Alexander, the corona pandemic with its effects such as social distance and hybrid work contributed to this. Here, Alexander believes above all from the remote control: “Regardless of whether it is product design, research and development or manufacturing and production through to error diagnosis – thanks to software-controlled developments, the processes mentioned can be monitored remotely.”

Ongoing digital transformation

The main thing here is a decentralized workforce that can work from anywhere in the world. “Software will be decisive for the digital transformation: digital tools and above all the cloud will support us in this.” But the transformation that Alexander sees goes even further: “Companies will not only bring their products to market faster, they will also bring them to market The collected digital data combined with sophisticated analytics and data visualization, companies can gain insights that can be used to drive new developments.

Such data arise, for example, in exchange with the customer or directly during daily development work. Collect and analyze measurement data, more evaluation steps and an associated in-depth analysis of the data obtained. All of this is done by software.

According to Alexander, an increasingly complex design combined with extensive simulation play a decisive role in device development. Electronics are not only smaller, they are also compactly packed on the board, keyword electronic packaging. Here the development engineers have to measure the power flow or the heat development. “This is the only way to guarantee that the complex devices will work.”

Four trends for 2021

Jay Alexander from Keysight on the increasingly important role of software and how companies will align their processes in the future.
Jay Alexander from Keysight on the increasingly important role of software and how companies will align their processes in the future.

(Image: Keysight Technologies)

The 5G cellular standard Alexander is certain that “will be in the focus of companies and governments” in 2021. 5G controls the infrastructure for energy or finance. Local and broken down to the individual country levels, questions about the locations of the cell phone masts need to be clarified. When it comes to Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), where antennas use both LTE and 5G in the same frequency band, RF measurement technology comes into play: “New national frequency guidelines will drive 5G.”

On the subject IoT and the connected factory (IIoT) According to Alexander, the distributed cloud will become important: Private 5G networks will come to the fore for industrial companies. “We expect increased investment in automation and the use of robotics and machine learning to manage systems and machines.” This includes testing and analysis of all components involved.

At the Quantencomputing Research will enter a “robust research phase” in 2021. Existing developments in qubit technologies will continue to gain momentum in 2021. On the other hand, there is the financing of quantum computing by the governments, who hope for the economic advantages of the quantum computer.

The development of autonomous vehicles will continue in 2021: This means that the number of sensors installed in a vehicle will increase. Here the automobile manufacturers have to keep pace. At 3%, the proportion of battery-electric vehicles will remain at a low level compared to total automobile production. However, “stricter emission standards in the individual countries will further increase interest in e-vehicles. In addition to China, there will also be a shift towards electric or gas-powered vehicles in the USA. “

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