Software update: Jellyfin 10.8.5 – Computer – Download

As long as the client is not yet supported on Webos 5 in the LG store, it is still not enough support because there are still a lot of TVs using Webos 5, including mine. Also, if you have remote users you need to do something similar jfa-go to make sure they don’t bother you every time they forget your password. It would be great if something like this could be integrated into Jellyfin itself for those use cases.

And with the amount different clients you can use per operating system since that official client isn’t made on all platforms, it can make it harder to support those remote users if something goes wrong. What I often experience is that the official Jellyfin client often crashes on my Nvidia Shield.

It is also irritating that when you want to watch a trailer via the Jellyfin client on Nvidia Shield, you need to have Youtube installed and return to the Youtube screen instead of the Jellyfin client after the trailer is finished. And with the official client, trailers work on one platform and not another.

To keep the stats for Plex I still use Tautulli, so you don’t have a counterpart for Jellyfin, you can use the “Replay Report” plugin but it still doesn’t come close to Tautulli. I myself have both Plex and Jellyfin running, but I still mostly use Plex. I am happy with Jellfyin and good progress is being made, but there is not yet.

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