Software harvest (May 25, 2022): handwritten notes and a simple video editor


Application for taking handwritten notes. As a background for writing, it offers four types of paper – clean, lined, grid and dotted with adjustable gaps and line weights. In addition, it offers a basic color set, copy and paste capability, drag-and-drop, local storage, PDF export, or a laser pointer for use in presentations.­vanoForLinux0.11.4

Pika Backup

A graphical user interface backup tool written in GTK4 that promises a simple and secure data backup process. It can create backups locally on the same machine (which is not recommended), on external storage, on local network storage or on remote storage accessible via the Internet. Backups can be performed regularly at a set interval with the option of setting the way of working with old backups.­.gnome.World.PikaBackup, 0­.4.0


Background manager for Linux with multi-monitor support. Allows you to select a background collection from a folder, as well as from favorite backgrounds across different folders. It can also adjust the background as needed (centered, full screen, etc.), transitions when changing backgrounds and backgrounds for multiple monitors. In addition to the graphical interface, it is also possible to work with it via the command line.


Video Trimmer

A simple video editor that offers its users only basic functions. It has a simple interface in which you can edit the video in a few mouse clicks. It uses ffmpeg for its operation, so it is possible to edit videos via the terminal, which is not easier, but definitely faster.


You know this when you have important meetings and you have to go to the bathroom at that moment. Still, modern technology does this they have eliminated the inconvenience.

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