Sofia Rotaru’s Family and their Controversial Life Abroad

Marianna Veselovskaya

42 minutes ago

After the start of the SVO, the Soviet and Ukrainian performer imagined herself to be a patriot. At the same time, all close relatives of Sofia Mikhailovna, including the only son of Ruslan, have long fled abroad.

It is curious that despite the support of her native country, Sofia Rotaru is not too willing to comment on the political situation. Much more talkative was the son of the legend Ruslan Evdokimenko. However, recently the offspring has been behaving rather quietly, because he and his wife have long been living abroad, where he fled amid a shameful scandal.

Recall that about a year ago, a man, together with his heir Anatoly, tried to leave the country shortly after the start of the SVO. Then the star family was scolded and shamed even at home, and the artist herself was completely suspected of a double game. After some time, it turned out that Ruslan, together with his son, nevertheless managed not only to “slope” from the army, but now he lives comfortably behind the “hill”.

As for the beloved granddaughter of the star, the charming Sofia is literally torn between New York and London, where, at the suggestion of her grandmother, she continues to build a modeling career. For the performer of the hit “Farmer”, the granddaughter is a real treasure. Even despite the difficult situation, the artist does not hesitate to focus on the privileged position of a girl who is clearly not going to return to Kyiv.

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So, today, May 30, Sofia Mikhailovna decided to share her joy with subscribers by posting a touching congratulation to the beautiful blonde on social networks. However, not all Internet users considered appropriate the tenderness that the singer showed in such a difficult hour for her compatriots.

“Happy Birthday,” Sofia Mikhailovna briefly signed a photo of her beloved granddaughter, who feels just great overseas.

Despite the fact that, according to many colleagues, the artist has always stood for the friendship of peoples, her delicate silence has long been explained. A celebrity who built a career for decades acquired in Russia not only real estate, but also a business. However, all attempts by Rotaru to sell what he has acquired by overwork have so far been unsuccessful. In fact, the legend of the Soviet scene, who made a solid fortune in the post-Soviet space, tied her hands with the ruble, which every now and then causes dissatisfaction among Ukrainian fans.

Source: Instagram

Photo source: Instagram, Global Look Press/Alexander Keltik

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