Sociopolitical Dimensions of Cultural Education

The third volume from the series “Perspektivenwechsel Kulturelle Bildung” of the Academy of Cultural Education has been published by transcript Verlag under the title “Sociopolitical Dimensions of Cultural Education”. The book deals with the question of how an examination of epochal challenges such as sustainability, digitality, participation or social cohesion can be structured productively.

In the course of processes such as globalization, digitization or populism, cultural education is assigned a key role in overcoming socio-political challenges. It is in a productive tension: On the one hand, it initiates self-education processes that affect socio-political dimensions without at the same time setting normative concrete educational goals that restrict self-education processes.

The third volume from the series of publications by the Academy of Cultural Education examines the socio-political dimensions of cultural education from different perspectives. With contributions from the specialist discourse, considerations from the perspective of research, model projects and projects, the book analyzes what contribution cultural education can make in dealing with current socio-political challenges, but also where it reaches its limits.

“At the same time, the contributions show that not only cultural education can provide socio-political impulses, but that social politics always also influence technical structures of cultural education! It is therefore all the more important in the sense of the emancipatory claim of cultural education to also focus on oneself, to deal critically with socio-political practice and at the same time to use this discussion as a corrective for one’s own professional practice “, says Prof. Dr. Susanne Keuchel.

The series of publications “Changing Perspectives in Cultural Education” takes up fundamental questions of cultural education and social transformation processes in order to examine necessary updates of cultural educational practice. It takes into account new findings from the specialist discourse and advanced training as well as current research results. The series is published by the Academy of Cultural Education of the Federal Government and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia under the editorial responsibility of Prof. Dr. Susanne Keuchel.

Susanne Keuchel / Bünyamin Werker (Hg.)
“Sociopolitical Dimensions of Cultural Education”
258 pages, ISBN 978-3-8376-5181-2, € 39.99

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