Sociologists have found out what Ukrainians dream about

40% of Ukrainians dream of children and grandchildren

Citizens of Ukraine want to be healthy, better off, and also have children and grandchildren.

Most Ukrainian citizens dream of good health, higher wages and pensions, as well as procreation. Such data made public on Thursday, August 19, sociological group Rating.

According to the survey, 58% of Ukrainians dream of good health, 41% of our citizens dream of receiving large salaries and pensions, and 40% of our citizens have children and grandchildren.

About 16-17% of those surveyed dream of a big home and travel. This point is important mainly for women under the age of 40.

Among the study participants, 14% dream of happy love. Moreover, most of them are men. So, at the age of 25-40, only 14% of women dream of love, and among men, this figure is 22-24%. In addition, after 60 years, 10% of men still hope to fall in love, while women at this age no longer expect this.

10% of Ukrainians dream of a career. Basically (45%) these are women aged 16-24. At the age of 25-30, there are already 21% of them, since there is still a dream of children and a family. Men aged 16-24 are more focused on their own business (38%) than on a career.

As part of the study, which was conducted from July 20 to August 9, 20 thousand people aged 16 years and older were interviewed in all regions of Ukraine, except for the temporarily uncontrolled territories of Donbass and the annexed Crimea.

Previously, sociologists found that the collapse of the Soviet Union is still pity 32% of Ukrainians.

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