Society. Closure of sports halls: “There have never been any clusters in our clubs”

After sweating at home during confinement, the 7 million athletes registered in sports halls in France were able to find ellipticals, treadmills and other dumbbells a few weeks after the deconfinement. However, from Monday September 28 in the “enhanced alert zones”, it will no longer be possible to play indoor sport.

Indeed, Olivier Véran argues that sports halls and gymnasiums are closing because “they are confined spaces where wearing a mask is impossible to see at least complex and which are unfortunately important places of contamination”.

Many large cities (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Rennes, Rouen, Nice, Montpellier, Grenoble, Lille and even Toulouse) are affected by these new restrictions.

Philippe Herbette. Photo DR

Philippe Herbette. Photo DR

Philippe Herbette, CEO of the Fitness Park group, which has 250 clubs all over France, regrets this decision.

What is your reaction after the minister’s announcements?

“We are trying to understand this decision, which is, at this stage, incomprehensible. I can understand that in bars and restaurants, the authorities were able to observe worrying things, but in the sports halls, no. never had a cluster. Why all of a sudden are we being arbitrarily punished? It has been widely proven that physical inactivity is the main source of illness and death in this world. Exercise is probably the best health barrier; There is nothing better for maintaining good health and strengthening your immune system, especially as winter approaches. “

Do you feel wronged?

“The authorities find sports halls anecdotal. However, nearly 7 million people are subscribed in France. It is the most practiced physical activity in our country! We cannot deprive the French of the best barrier gestures than It is. After confinement, the bars opened before some gyms, there are things that are wrong! The authorities must review their copy, we are not heard enough. “

“The virucide we are using cost us a fortune.”

How did you resume your post-containment activities?

“At Fitness Park, we have implemented a strict and hyper efficient protocol. We use the most powerful virucide that exists on all devices, locker room doors, lockers, reception kiosks … It cost us a fortune because we wanted to use what was best. A scientific committee had advised us. We do not see what we can do better, but we are ready to strengthen control and checks if the authorities want let’s do it. “

Is it difficult to enforce barrier gestures in the gym?

“There are always ‘bad apples’ but we have put in place many controls, that’s why I don’t understand this sanction. There is more risk of catching the virus on a bus or a train rather than in a gym. I am convinced, even though there is no study on this subject, that when you train, you increase your acidity level, which constitutes a natural barrier . You do not catch a virus in a gym but rather 15 minutes after you have finished sweating. Besides, in general, that’s when you leave the gym … “

Is it a headache for refunds again?

“The advantage is that now we know how to do … From an economic point of view, we have not fully recovered. People have become accustomed to doing more sports outdoors or some on the contrary have become lazier with confinement. The “machine” is not running as before. Switching it off is very dangerous … “

Let’s make the link between public health and physical exercise!

The French have also acquired the habit of playing sports at home on dedicated applications …

“It’s good to work out at home, but nothing beats a workout indoors where you can monopolize all of your organs in the human body: from cardio to strength training. Gyms also create a social connection.”

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