Social Security hires software services for 1 year for more than L 48.8 million

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- He Honduran Institute of Social Security (IHSS) signed two million-dollar contracts for the acquisition of a softwareHowever, it has been carrying excessive debt with various providers since 2022.

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EL HERALDO entered the Single Transparency Portal of the Institute for Access to Public Information and reviewed the open data version of the contracts of the social security entity corresponding to December 2022.

In said document, Social Security showed a total of 18 provider contracts that provide different services, but most of these expired on December 31. Several are owed, for which the contracts have not been renewed, according to what an internal source of the entity informed EL HERALDO.

“Suppliers have threatened to suspend their services, many of them are laboratory, those that supply food and health services in the different departments,” he revealed.

He indicated that these providers cannot proceed legally because “if they have a claim against the IHSS, they will not be able to participate in any other tender, they eliminate themselves.”

Social Security hires software services for 1 year for more than L 48.8 million


The IHSS signed a contract to acquire SAP SUCCESSFACTORS services, this is a software that is used to manage human resources, for an amount of 305,840.03 dollars (L 7,560,364.8) with Sociedad Mercantil SAP México, which is valid from January 1 as of December 31, 2023.

Likewise, for the same stipulated time (one year) another software service was contracted from the same company for a value of 1,672,252.04 dollars (L 41,338,070.42).

Social Security hires software services for 1 year for more than L 48.8 million

Regarding the contracts that were made in 2022 and expired on December 31 and have not been renewed, they are the supply of oxygen and other gases for medical use for 10,200,000.00 lempiras with the company Coxgas SA

Similarly, the IHSS signed several million-dollar contracts with Compañía Almacenadora SA (Coalsa).

These contracts include the lease of a warehouse for the storage of goods in different IHSS hospital units at a cost of exactly 225,000 lempiras.

Another company was also contracted to maintain medicines and surgical medical materials for 1,350,000.00 lempiras and also allocated 687 thousand lempiras for a warehouse to guard the equipment that is being withdrawn from the IHSS.

And for professional consulting services, 27 thousand lempiras were paid for 105 days, this also expired on December 31. At this time, the amount owed by IHSS authorities to providers is unknown.

EL HERALDO sought the reaction of the IHSS authorities via calls and WhatsApp messages, however, they did not give any response.

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