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TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak answered the writer Alexander Tsypkinwho in an Instagram post compared her naked breasts to his wife’s breasts Oksana Lavrentieva. In the Telegram channel “Bloody mistress” Sobchak wrote that such a comparison is meaningless, since she does not have silicone implants, and Lavrentieva, in her opinion, has one.

“But everything continued to seem to poor Tsypkin that everything around him was only about him and his wife,” Sobchak wrote in response to Tsypkin’s criticism about her naked photo shoot.

She also commented on the words of the writer that he and her husband Sobchak Konstantin Bogomolov It remains “to measure the members.” “I hope you have a real member. But, unfortunately, you are far from Kostya in any competition, ”the TV presenter said.

Later, Tsypkin’s post with a collage of two naked women was removed from Instagram, as he reported in another publication. According to the writer, the reason for what happened was that “someone could not stand the competition and complained.”

Earlier Sobchak published Instagram photo of her bare-chested posing. The designer starred naked with her Yana Raskovalova and singer Natalya Ionovaknown by the pseudonym Glucose.

In December, Sobchak and Tsypkin already came into conflict. Then the writer was outraged by the Instagram post of the TV presenter, in which she called the publication of naked photos by women over 40 a demonstration of despair. Tsypkin believed that Sobchak writes about his wife Oksana Lavrentieva, who previously published a nude picture on the social network.

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