Social. Just launched in the association, these Mosellanes offer 100,000 beauty products

For two months they have given a smile to many people in precarious situations in Moselle. From Forbach to Thionville, Gaëlle Courson-Proville, 25 years old and Mégane Albrecht-Delgado, 26 years old roam the department with a chest overflowing with boxes filled with hygiene and beauty products. Inside: hairspray, day creams, shampoo, deodorant, shower gel, shaving foam, in short, everything needed to allow everyone to take care of themselves. A real Christmas present as the end of the year holidays approach. This weekend, it was at the MJC Quatre Bornes in Metz-Borny or in Metz-Devant-les-Pont that these products were distributed to the most disadvantaged in partnership with the City of Metz.

“Of course, providing food aid is essential in the fight against insecurity. But the question of appearance is also essential. A person who feels good about himself fits more easily into society. The opposite can be a hindrance, especially when looking for a job, ”explain these two young women. This summer, they left the CDI they had in the return to work support association where they met to create, on 1is October the association Atelier 17.91.

“A real need”

Their objective: to offer itinerant workshops to vulnerable Moselle populations. One, in connection with sustainable development, intends to learn textile upgrading by customizing clothes with defects. The other aims to work on inclusive beauty and self-acceptance. The ace. The health crisis happened there and delayed their project. But in their misfortune, Messina and Thionvilloise have knocked on the right door. By approaching local businesses for hygiene products, they hit the jackpot. One of them donated 100,000 unsold items to them! “We have already distributed three-quarters in CCAS, nursing homes or to associations or movements. Word of mouth has worked incredibly well. This shows that there is a real need. “

An extraordinary notoriety accelerator for these young women who have recently arrived in the local social environment. With dozens of contacts, they only aspire to start their workshops in the service of the most disadvantaged. With the hope, thanks to public funding or budgets for the animation of structures, to be able to quickly create jobs. Starting with theirs.

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