Sochaux forced to bounce back in Niort

If he does not manage to get the skin of the TOP 5 teams, the FCSM will do everything to get that of the Chamois Niortais, this Tuesday at 7 p.m. On the occasion of this 29th day of Ligue 2 stalled in the middle of the week, the Yellow and Blue are offered the possibility of erasing the loss of Auxerre by challenging a team from Niort, 11th, and in full discomfiture with its 6 consecutive defeats. Sochaux must win to already consolidate its 5th place, and hope to come back on its direct opponents of the TOP 5. Omar Daf wants to be confident and determined to achieve a result in Deux-Sèvres. “There is almost no room for error” concede Gaëtan Weissbeck.

“We have no more time to waste” – Gaëtan Weissbeck

Frustrated by the defeat at the Abbé Deschamps “We make too many individual errors, we are in our place, we are missing something to beat the TOP 5”, the captain of the FCSM wanted to be resolutely more offensive this Monday in a press conference to address this Tuesday’s trip to Niort “There’s no point in moping around. We analyzed our mistakes against Auxerre, we know that we have to be more demanding of ourselves. The problem, it’s us, if we are all 100%, even 110, 120%, there is no reason for things to go wrong in Niort”.

The Alsatian is nevertheless aware that his team no longer has the right to make mistakes “If we can’t take points against the TOP 5, behind, we see our calendar, there’s no picture, we have to say things to each other, we have to win as many matches as possible. Clearly, we fried our jokers by losing against our direct opponents. After Niort and Rodez (this Saturday at Bonal), there will only be 8 games left, all the points are important now, we will have to play with this positive pressure. We know that we have no more time to waste” loose the FCSM midfielder.

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Prevot or Jeannin?

For this match in Niort, Omar Daf is still playing it safe “They may be 6 defeats in a row, they are not easy to play. We remember the first leg where you had to be patient to win”. But the FCSM coach believes in his team’s ability to react “We’re not going to let go until the end. We can’t wait to do it again, to get back into the fight, we have to erase our mistakes from the last games, it’s up to us to launch a big series at the end of the season” explains Omar Daf who did not want to reveal the identity of the goalkeeper this Tuesday in Niort, contenting himself simply with saying “that after each session, each week, there is a reflection on the choice of players, a choice that is made on the basis of those who are most likely to bring us something”. Will Jeannin therefore be sacrificed after his culpable faults in Auxerre? Will Prévot take back a starting place in the cages? Response this Tuesday in Niort for a match that Sochaux has every interest in winning “to get there at the end of the season” concludes Omar Daf who recovers Ousseynou Thioune, back from suspension, while Joseph Lopy is still missing.

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Live the Niort-FCSM match live and in full from 6:45 p.m. this Tuesday on France Bleu Belfort Montbéliard with comments by Hervé Blanchard from the René Gaillard stadium.

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