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As the Moscow Mayor noted, the introduction of hard quarantine was thoughtful when, after the announcement of a non-working week until April 5, many “decided to relax.” But after the introduction of mandatory self-isolation, Muscovites “behave correctly”

Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

In Moscow, they planned to introduce strict quarantine with access control, but the situation has changed, as Muscovites “behave correctly.” This was stated by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin an interview with Channel One, the announcement of which was shown on the air.

“We had plans to introduce a tight access control, judging by how the previous weekend went when a huge number of people decided to relax. But the situation has changed, and this week the citizens behave very correctly and follow the recommendations that were given by me, the president, the government of the Russian Federation, ”Sobyanin noted, adding that he does not see the need to introduce a hard access regime.

In order not to continue to apply these measures, he asked that the self-isolation regime continue.

Moreover, as his words cite “RIA News”, about 3 million Muscovites continue to go to work, that is, a quarter of the population of Moscow. Sobyanin also pointed out that 2 million citizens work remotely, the same number are on vacation or on sick leave. The mayor said the balance at which “two-thirds are at home in self-isolation, and about a quarter are moving around,” needs to continue to be maintained. “We can’t close the whole city so that we can completely zero everything out,” Sobyanin explained.

In addition, he said that equally stringent restrictions due to coronavirus cannot be introduced across Russia meaninglessly. “We will also slam the economy and create a huge number of unemployed where this was not necessary,” the mayor of the capital emphasized. He also assured that the authorities “are doing everything in order not to destroy the economy.”



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