Sobchak was in the hospital with a broken nose

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23:30, June 26, 2020

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On her Instagram page on June 25, socialite Ksenia Sobchak published a video in which she is depicted in a hospital with a broken nose.

As it turned out, Ksyusha got injured a few days ago during an unsuccessful fall. And today in the hospital she underwent surgery and a bandage, writes “Learn all“.

Ahead of users who would immediately begin to come up with versions of the incident, as a result of which Sobchak could fall and break her nose, the journalist herself voiced several of the simplest and most likely scenarios of her own to mutilate and immediately denied them.

“The first thing that the haters will say:“ By the way, there’s nothing to poke your nose where you don’t have to. ”I do not agree, I, after all, are not Panin. The second version is the plastic surgeon. Also by. Well, I’m not a stupid girl, guys. I understand that there are situations when medicine is already powerless, “said Sobchak.

She also added that she did not fight with her husband, Konstantin Bogomolov, because she did not have the habit of dissolving her hands.
As for plastic surgery, in the early 2000s Ksenia flew to America, where the famous plastic surgeon, Raj Canodia, whose patients are Hollywood stars, corrected her nose, making it slightly smaller and straightening the nasal septum.

It was rumored that, simultaneously with her nose, Sobchak reduced her jaw, but Ksyusha denied this information in every possible way.


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