“So we all end up in the abyss”

On Instagram, he shares images of nightlife and comments: “You guys know how much I have always defended you, condemning that young people were looking for the greasers to be condemned. Today the situation is very delicate and the risk of new closures is real and you know what it could mean . The irreversible death of a country that CANNOT ALLOW IT !!! “.

The entrepreneur sends a clear message, without mincing words: “I keep seeing images of gatherings outside the premises that have nothing to do with the idea of ​​leisure or goliardia, but only great irresponsibility and recklessness. Now more than ever we must avoid that they block the country and with these attitudes we do nothing but accelerate that all this happens. I see you without masks, stuck like ants. Do not ca … you – he concludes – because the risk we are running is devastating for everyone, you including. I trust in your awareness and sense of responsibility because in this way we all end up in the abyss “.


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