So their children Tam, Lark and Thaddeus died

Hardly any other celebrity has such a large family as Mia Farrow (76). She is a mother of fourteen, but also suffered tragic losses and is one of the stars who lost their children at an early age.

For a long time it was speculated which circumstances led to Tams († 17), Larks († 35) and Thaddeus’ († 29) death, but the actress never commented specifically on it.

Mia Farrow talks about the causes of death for her children

Now Mia Farrow would like to use Twitter once and for all the “malicious rumors“, As she calls them, and explains why she has not yet made any precise statements about the death of her three children.

As a mother of fourteen, my family means everything to me. While I chose a career that put me in the public eye, most of my children chose to live very private lives. I respect their every request, which is why I am selective in my social media posts“, Writes Mia Farrow.

With the Twitter post, she wanted to preserve the memory of her deceased children, her grandchildren and that of every family that also struggled with the loss of a child.

The actress then reports on the causes of death of her adopted children Tam, Lark and Thaddeus. What Mia Farrow’s children died of you can find out in the video.


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