So that you don’t fail to understand, this is the difference between the new Nmax 155 connected variant

JAKARTA, – Yamaha launch All New Nmax 155 Connected. This variant is a filler and is in the middle between the Standard variant Nmax and 155 Connected ABS.

Exc. Vice President & COO PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) Dyonisius Beti, said this variant is present as a new choice for Nmax consumers.

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“Responding to the wishes of Yamaha consumers, we launched the Connected Standard Upgrade version to add line up existing ones, “he said, Saturday (11/21/2020).

So what are the differences between Nmax 155 Connected and other variants, because at first glance there are not many changes? So as not to fail to understand the following differences. Yamaha NMAX 155 Connected/ABS

Unlike the Standard variant Nmax

Nmax 155 Connected is also called Nmax standard upgrade version. This means that the base is indeed developed from the Nmax Standard variant.

This variant has all the features of the Standard variant but adds two excellent features, namely the Smart Key System aka keyless and the Y-Connect application as in the 155 Connected / ABS variant.

Yamaha Nmax 155 Connected Photo: Special Yamaha Nmax 155 Connected

Nmax 155 Connected is priced at IDR 31,000,000 on the road (OTR) Jakarta. Only a difference of IDR 1.25 million from the Standard variant Nmax which is sold for IDR 29,750,000 million

Nmax 155 Connected has 4 color choices, namely Prestige Silver, Maxi Signature Black, Matte Blue, and Matte Red. Interestingly, this silver color is only available in the 155 Connected variant.

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Nmax 155 Nmax 155 Connected

Unlike the 155 Connected / ABS variant

Nmax 155 Connected / ABS is the highest and most sophisticated variant. The official price is IDR 33,750,000, or IDR 2.75 million more expensive than Nmax 155 Connected.

The difference is that the Nmax 155 Connected, aka the new variant, doesn’t use the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), which can prevent the wheels from locking during hard braking.

Because it doesn’t use ABS, the Nmax 155 Connected is also not equipped with a traction control feature, aka the Traction Control System (TCS). A feature that prevents tires from slipping when road conditions are not good.


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