so she was killed by the Ghanaian collaborator – Libero Quotidiano

He confessed to the killer of Therefore, he does Gudeta, the symbol of immigration to Italy. The woman, an Ethiopian breeder in Trentino for some time, was killed with a hammer by one of her collaborators. The man, 32 years old of Ghanaian origin, confessed to the murder in the night and with this also the sexual violence against Agitu. The woman’s body was found slumped to the ground inside his home, in his bedroom, on the second floor of a building owned by the Municipality, which also includes the town rectory, in the locality of Plankerhoff, in Frassilongo, a complex that is located a few kilometers from his farm .

Adams Suleiman, this is the name of the killer, he could have acted for economic reasons. Although investigators are still looking for the reasons that led the young man to make such a heinous gesture.



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