so much embarrassment because of two letters

For several years, the Duke and Duchess have been trying to solve an unexpected problem.

Prince William and Kate Middleton must have their own monogram as members of the royal family. According to the rules, it should consist of the first letters of the names of the bride and groom. And, as it turned out, the Dukes of Wales had big problems with this.

The fact is that the first letter of William’s name is W, and his wife’s name is C, because Kate’s full name is Katherine or Catherine. Based on this, their monogram will look like WC, which in most countries of the world is the designation of a toilet.

Such awkwardness has repeatedly put spouses in an awkward position. They first encountered this problem during their marriage when they put their initials on the cake. Subsequently, different designers tried to correct the situation by arranging the letters differently, but the public always saw only one combination.

As a result, Prince William and Kate Middleton opted for the version where the letter C is located above the letter W. It was this option that seemed to members of the royal family the most neutral and did not cause ridicule.

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