So Menpora and Deputy Head of PSSI, Zainudin Amali will appear before the President – Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Zainudin Amali was elected Deputy Chairman of PSSI. Zainudin Amali will now face President Joko Widodo.

Zainudin Amali and Ratu Tisha Destria filled the chair of PSSI Deputy Chairperson after being elected to the PSSI Extraordinary Congress (KLB) which was held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (16/2/2023).

This position places Zainudin Amali to have two positions, namely as Menpora as well as Deputy Chairman of PSSI.

Zainudin Amali will also leave the decision to President Joko Widodo whether he will continue to hold two positions or choose one of them.

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“We will immediately report to the president, let’s wait for later, don’t rush it,” said Zainudin Amali, smiling, quoted from Kompas TV.

Regarding his duties as general deputy chairman, Zainudin Amali emphasized that he would help carry out Erick Thohir’s vision and mission as PSSI general chairman.

“My position is deputy chairperson, so we will carry out what is the vision and mission of the general public,” said Amali.

“The deputy general chairman and members of the Exco (Executive Committee) do not have a vision and mission. So, they only help the general chairman carry out his vision and mission,” he continued.

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The election process for the deputy chairperson of PSSI was colored by drama. Initially, Yunus Nusi and Zainudin Amali were the two names chosen to help Erick Thohir.

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However, the voting was repeated due to indications of fraud where a number of voters said that the candidate whose name they supported did not get a vote during the counting.

After the election for deputy chairperson was repeated, former PSSI general secretary Ratu Tisha Destria got the most votes with 55 votes.

Yunus Nusi followed with 54 votes and Zainudin Amali had 44 votes. This result also led to the position of Vice Chairman of PSSI being filled by Ratu Tisha Destria and Yunus Nusi.

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However, Yunus Nusi decided to resign because he considered himself no better than Zainudin Amali. Yunus also felt that he was not fit to fill the PSSI high-ranking chair.

“Of course I have to measure myself that I, Yunus Nusi, do not feel better than Pak Zainudin Amali,” said Yunus Nusi.

“He has given his best for Indonesian football, he has given his best for sports in Indonesia,” he said.

“I have been with him for three years and know exactly his sincerity to advance Indonesian football,” said Yunus Nusi.

“I really don’t deserve to be here and what I really deserve is Zainudin Amali and Mr. Erick Thohir leading football forward. For the sake of Indonesian football, I have to make that decision (to step down),” said Yunus Nusi.

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