So, going to the house bank for an SME loan was …

(open PR) Corporate Loan Secret That No House Bank Will Reveal: With the COMPEON bank-independent FinTech portal, businesses, self-employed, artisans and freelancers can select and compare the right corporate loan from 300 offers at the click of a mouse. Compared to the standard house bank offer, you can save 30% interest with at least 100% higher success rate.

Strange but true! Midsize businesses, self-employed people, merchants, small business owners and freelancers still turn to the house bank for a loan and usually accept 30% more credit costs.

Many don’t dare to use FinTech portals. However, many of them don’t even know what FinTech is.

Great need for information on FinTechs in Germany:

In the United States, about 80% of corporate lending already bypasses conventional banks.

In Germany, SMEs, self-employed, merchants and freelancers often approach fintech companies with skepticism or ignorance. Digital financial service providers can be a useful partner here, especially when speed and flexibility are top priorities.

FinTech credit platforms offer the following benefits:

1. Bank independent and cross-product solutions!

Bank independent, as FinTech portal users can select and compare between many financial service providers and banks. Cross-product, because in addition to business loans, other financial products such as leasing, factoring, mezzanine capital, Purchase and Project Financing or Private Debt. or offered for real estate financing. Depending on the financing needs, one or the other type of financing is beneficial to corporate clients. A classic business loan is not always the best financing solution.

2. Personalized financing solutions instead of standard solutions!

Because unlike the internal bank, FinTech allows tailor-made financing offers, i.e. offers tailored to the individual needs of the client. Tailor-made offers are always for the benefit of the customer, as they are cheaper than standard offers. More on this: Paradigm shift in SME financing

3. Speed, transparency and comparison!

Traditional banks (such as home banks) can’t keep up with fintech service providers in terms of speed and flexibility. The digital testing systems of fintech companies enable an effective and quick decision on financing. Fast and unbureaucratic business loans such as bridging loans are only possible with FinTech.

4. Easy access to finance!

Domestic banks are usually overwhelmed when it comes to finding the right funding from over 1,700 federal and EU funding programs. FinTech portals such as COMPEON allow for subsidy control, a particular advantage for self-employed and small businesses that are inexperienced.

FinTech COMPEON for credit optimization for SMEs and self-employed workers:

Unlike the house bank, this makes it possible COMPEON financial portal a bank-independent financing solution. The tedious search for a loan is no longer necessary. With a single application, the customer receives several offers from 300 financial service providers and banks, as well as access to 1,700 subsidies at the EU, federal and state level in Germany. This usually results in more suitable and cheaper financing solutions than a single request from the house bank.

The use of COMPEON is free for candidates (companies, self-employed workers, freelancers …). The successful conclusion of a contract is also free for applicants. If the mediation is successful, the financial service providers pay a corresponding commission to COMPEON. Furthermore, a contractual offer is always non-binding on candidates.

In short: Unlike the internal bank, COMPEON provides tailor-made financing solutions. Tailored financing is usually always cheaper than a standard house bank offer.

With COMPEON, the applicant has the advantage of being able to select a tailor-made solution from several online offers.

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Portal credit for self-employed and small businesses:
https: //www.kredit-selbstä

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