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The extreme pickup Ford F-150 Raptor debuted in 2009 and became a hit. It turned out that in the States there are a lot of people who want to buy a truck on which they can recklessly bludgeon across the steppes, sands and broken primers. Ford is proud that the Raptor has sold better in the local market over the past four years than the Chevrolet Corvette or all of Porsche’s sports cars combined. Therefore, the new generation super pickup is presented just six months after base F-series.

The main feature of the Raptor is the suspension, so the engineers paid special attention to it. First, there are new omnivorous Fox LiveValve shocks that not only have external reservoirs, but also electronically controlled stiffness. And secondly, an original five-link scheme with clever kinematics was developed for the rear continuous axle. Suspension travels are now prohibitive: 356 mm at the front and 381 mm at the rear! This is a quarter more than the very first Raptor.

The frame is reinforced, and the standard equipment includes all-terrain BFGoodrich All-Terrain T / A KO2 tires, and now they are offered not only in the 35-inch outer diameter, but also in the 37-inch version. In this case, the ground clearance will be increased from the standard 305 to 333 mm, the approach angle will be 33.1 degrees, and the exit angle will be 24.9 degrees (the overhangs of the pickup are still rather big).

The powertrain is the same – and so far this is the biggest disappointment among the fans of the model. The V6 3.5 EcoBoost biturbo engine on the previous Raptor produced 457 hp. and 692 Nm, and the characteristics of the new model have not yet been announced. The transmission has a ten-speed “automatic” and four-wheel drive with a multi-plate clutch for connecting the front wheels. A differential with an electromechanical locking is standardly installed on the rear axle; in addition, you can order the front “self-block” Torsen.

The pickup has a new exhaust system with a controlled throttle: Quiet, Normal, Sport and Baja modes differ in exhaust volume. And the riding electronics have even more presets: winter Slippery, towing Tow / Haul (a pickup truck can pull a trailer weighing up to 3.7 tons), Sport, Normal, Off-Road, Baja, as well as Rock Crawl for rock climbing.

Along with the basic F-series pickup, the Raptor has found a new interior: virtual instruments on a 12-inch screen and a media system with the ability to update “over the air”. By the way, the super pickup will no longer have a “one and a half” cab: only the two-row version of the SuperCrew remains in the range. Among the options are Recaro buckets, as well as a converter for connecting external electrical devices up to 2 kW.

A new generation of F-150 Raptor will appear at American dealerships in the summer. And now he has a direct competitor: he recently entered the market Ram 1500 TRX with 712 hp V8 6.2 compressor engine And Ford is already preparing a decent answer: the Raptor R has been announced, which will also have a V8 engine. But such a version will appear only in 2022.



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