snus, Tobacco | Anna and Håvard launched the first Norwegian-made snus in 80 years: It exceeded all expectations

Three engineers from Trondheim have started Norway’s first large-scale snus production since the war. It was sold out in one day.

Snus is gaining increasing market share over smoking, and has become very popular at all ages. However, most of the snus we use in Norway is produced in Sweden.

But the three engineers Eirik Volent, Håvard Dretvik and Anna Wildèn from Trondheim wanted to do something about it.

It all started with setting up some potted plants where they experimented. But after a party, they came to the conclusion that this could be much bigger.

– It started a bit with Anna. There were some potted plants on the porch, so there was some talk about it. Then it kicked in, says Volent.

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Above all expectations

Dretvik, who himself is from a farm, contributed with access to a proper field. Wildèn was in charge of the green fingers, and Volent was in charge of the business work. Thus, Snusbonden AS was founded.

– It has exceeded all expectations, says Volent to Nettavisen.

In collaboration with Norway’s largest online store for snus, they launched snus a short time ago. But already a day later, the snus was sold out. Inside the website, there is a message that the next shipment will not be ready until a couple of months. But then the company promises that there will be more boxes available.

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TRØNDERTOBAKK: From the farm to Snusbonden, which has recently started producing snus.
Photo: Private

In contrast to most types of snus which cost approximately 70-80 kroner in an online store, a box of loose snus from Snusbonden costs 149 kroner. It goes with environmentally friendly and locally produced snus, says Volent.

Homemade Trøndelag tobacco

– Our goal is for it to be locally produced and environmentally friendly. The packaging is made of plant fiber and recycled plastic. We arrange the tobacco plants ourselves, and with the help of serious labor. So consumers know that everything is in order, he says.

They see themselves a bit like a microbrewery. The snus is not meant to be everyday, but rather something extra special. The response they received was a big surprise for the trio.

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– We were hopeful, but it is clearly surprising what response we have received. People have called alone to tell us how much they love what we do, says Volent.

He assures Nettavisen that the next shipment of snus will be ready before Christmas. And then an even bigger batch of snus is produced for Easter., which is the partner where the Norwegian-produced snus is sold, thinks it is fun that Norwegian snus is coming on the market.

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Click on the image to enlarge.  Snus365

LOOKING FORWARD: The online store Snus365 was sold out for snus in 24 hours. Now they are looking forward to the next shipment, which will be in place just before Christmas.
Photo: Snus365

– After it was sold out on Friday, we have had over 5,000 visits to the product, and could well 10-fold sales if not more, says marketing manager Adrian Huer in the company.

Now they are just looking forward to the next part of the production being ready.

– It has been absolutely overwhelming. Now we are looking forward to the next production is ready, says Huer to Nettavisen.

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