Snowshoeing: A sport for everyone

More and more nature lovers are looking for peace away from the hustle and bustle on the ski slopes. Formerly a niche sport for real mountain enthusiasts, snowshoe hiking is becoming more and more of a trend.

Whether young, old, fit or less sporty – hiking in the quiet white has something to offer for everyone. This is also confirmed by Bernd Scharfegger, managing director and owner of the Raxseilbahn: “Actually, anyone can go snowshoeing. You don’t need any specific previous knowledge for that either.” If you dare, you can simply put on your snowshoes and start walking. Nevertheless, Scharfegger is observing a lively rush to the guided tours, which are currently more popular than ever – despite Corona. “Many of the people have never been on a mountain before. So it’s only understandable that they want to be introduced to snowshoeing,” says Scharfegger.

Gentle alternative

The hiking fun in the snow is suitable for all age groups. “If you don’t enjoy tobogganing as much as you get older, then snowshoeing might be a gentle alternative. But more and more young people and families are trying out the sport.” One of the things he noticed was that the demand for children’s snowshoes had increased significantly in recent years. When renting out on the Rax, the equipment for children had to be significantly increased.

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