Snow removal in Zurich – why sidewalks and bicycle lanes come second

The snow that has been cleared from the car tracks often remains on Zurich’s cycle paths. Unfortunately there is no other way, the city says.

Snow in Zurich: such weather scares many cyclists off.

Snow in Zurich: such weather scares many cyclists off.

Photo: Urs Jaudas

The car lane black. The bike path knows. The sidewalk gray. The streets of Zurich look something like this off when it snowed.

This Muster annoys Zurich cyclists, around Tuesday, when snow plowed away, as usual, blocked many bike paths. On the Facebook page of Pro Velo Zurich, einige that their means of transportation are clearing snow continue on come second. “The current situation is inadequate and often dangerous,” says Pro Velo spokeswoman Andrea Freiermuth.

There could be another way. In Copenhagen turns out the color pattern according to strong Snowfall supposedly genau umgekehrt. The streets are white, the cycle paths and sidewalks dark.

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