Snow, melting or not, rain and slippery conditions for this Wednesday

Wednesday began with a few flakes of snow, sometimes melting, and rain.

The cloudiness will remain variable to abundant with winter showers, predicts the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM). Rain, sleet, accumulation of snow or slush, the sky will be cloudy all morning. The IRM is launching a yellow alert with slippery conditions for the day on Wednesday and the start of the night, mainly in the provinces of Liège and Luxembourg. In Lower and Middle Belgium, you should first expect snow or slush, then rain, slush or sleet. In Upper Belgium, snow will settle, with an accumulation depending on the altitude: from two to five centimeters between 400 and 500 meters above sea level, from four to ten centimeters above 500 meters above sea level. The accumulations will be irregular, depending on the trajectory of these showers. A few patches of ice could also form Wednesday morning and next night. In the other provinces of the country, the yellow alert is confined to the morning, until about 10:00 a.m.

Over the course of the afternoon, the situation will slowly improve from the west, with drier weather and more frequent thinning. The maximum will be between 0 ° C in Hautes Fagnes and 6 ° C in the west of the territory. The wind will be moderate and sometimes quite strong with gusts of 50 to 60 km / h.

In the evening, the center and the east of the country will experience the last rain showers, sleet or slush in Lower and Middle Belgium and snow or slush in Upper Belgium. Then it will be drier. A new disturbance will however approach the country from the southwest in the second half of the night, probably causing rain or slush. The minimum will be between -5 ° C in Hautes Fagnes, + 1 ° C in the center and + 3 ° C on the coast. “We must therefore beware of the formation of frost or ice patches in certain regions,” concludes the MRI.

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