Snow and ice are no obstacles for lifesavers

Cold, snow and ice don’t stop real lifesavers from donating blood for other people. At the last blood donation appointment in Steinwiesen, many men and women, young and somewhat older, proved again that they can be relied on.

All those who came, the helpers and the blood donation team were warmly thanked God in the name of the BRK readiness Steinwiesen and the many sick people who can be saved from the donated blood.

115 people willing to donate were registered by Marie Schneider when they registered. 104 of these were approved for donation. They could all be guided easily through the individual stations under the hygiene requirements of the Covid 19 restrictions. At the end there was a “to-go packed lunch” as a small thank you and to strengthen yourself. In order not to freeze too much while standing in line, hot non-alcoholic drinks were distributed, which were very well received. In addition to many familiar faces and donors, we were also happy to have eight first-time donors. 13 helpers of the BRK readiness Steinwiesen as well as some volunteers were on duty.

Numerous honors could be carried out at the appointment. The Deputy Head of Blood Donations, Susanne Deuerling, was able to thank Manfred Stöckla (Wallenfels), Petra Müller (Geroldsgrün), Marika Gerner (Schnaid) and Manuela Bienlein (Steinwiesen) for donating blood 75 times. Thanks to Michael Koch from Steinwiesen and Christian Kotschenreuther from Neufang for 50 voluntary donations. Claudia Klinger from Steinwiesen was there 25 times, Lukas Deuerling from Nurn, Daniel Schmitt from Steinwiesen and Patrick Rosenbusch from Wartenfels 10 times. For the third time, Manuel Müller from Wallenfels donated his blood. sd

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