Snow and hail fell in Hurghada

Photo: Still from video

The hail fell on the first day of the new year

The air temperature in the popular Egyptian resort is about 20 degrees Celsius. A layer of “hailstones” covered the beaches and streets.

On January 1, hail and snow fell in the Egyptian resort town of Hurghada. Chunks of ice a couple of centimeters in size covered the beaches of the resort town.

Some hailstones reached the size of a quail egg. Gravels covered balconies, terraces of houses and hotels.

In one of the hotels, the glass and the roof were broken.

The air temperature in the resort is about +20 degrees.


As previously reported, Spain received record hail… In Alicante, according to meteorologists, a historic amount of hail fell in just 25 minutes – 46 millimeters.

Let’s add, in Australia a gigantic hail fell… In Queensland, there were severe thunderstorms with torrential rains. The size of the hailstones reached 16 centimeters in diameter.

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