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The American Star Snoop Dogg embarks on a new adventure. Indeed, through a press release, the singer announces that he will jointly produce the comedy The Underdoggs with MGM under the banner of Death Row Pictures. According to the details provided on this project, the American rapper would be behind the original idea of ​​​​the film with his production partner Constance Schwartz-Morin. Everything would have started from his experience as a coach within the Snoop Youth Football League.

Inspired by coaching experience

The American star will embody the figure of the NFL Jaycen Jennings. We also note that Charles Stone will take care of the implementation. Danny Segal et Isaac Schamis as for them take care of the writing. “(Being a coach) gave us invaluable life lessons that we were able to share with children in situations similar to mine when I was growing up. My hope is that this film sheds light on the realities that children and adults face in neighborhoods and in the complex world of football.”said the American star in a press release.

Sexual assaults

Note that this project comes in a context where the rapper and record company director, Snoop Dogg faces a sexual assault lawsuit. The complainant is a woman who had previously accused this man of these same facts. These new charges resurfaced in a California district court on Wednesday, July 20. This new complaint includes the original allegations of sexual assault and sexual battery, as well as new allegations of defamation.

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