Snooker British Open Qualifying Tournament: Zhang Anda Eliminates “Billiard Emperor” 5 Chinese Players All Advance on the First Day

Snooker British Open Qualifying Tournament: Zhang Anda Eliminates “Billiard Emperor” 5 Chinese Players All Advance on the First Day

2022-08-10 10:36:11Source: China News Network

China News AgencyBeijing, August 10th. On the morning of the 10th Beijing time, the 2022 British Open snooker ended the first day of the qualifying competition. All 5 Chinese players who played won and advanced to the main match. Among them, Zhang Anda was eliminated 4:1. 7 The “Billiard Emperor” Hendry, who won the World Championship.

The 2022 British Open qualifiers will be held from August 9th to 14th local time, with a best-of-7 system. All 128 participating players will have a round of qualifying matches. The winner will enter the main match and the top 16 in the world of players will play qualifying matches during the main draw. The British Open main draw will be held from September 26 to October 2 local time.

In this British Open qualifying match, the 28-player Chinese corps set a new record for the number of participants in the ranking match. Among them, Ding Junhui, the “leader of Chinese billiards”, and Liang Wenbo, who was suspended for “beating a woman”, will both participate in this event. He made his season debut in the qualifying rounds.

On the first day of the qualifying tournament, which was unveiled on the 9th local time, five Chinese players took the lead. Among them, 30-year-old Zhang Anda faced off against 53-year-old “Billiard Emperor” Hendry.

In the 2010 Snooker World Championships, Zhang Anda, who was only 18 years old, competed in the professional ranking tournament in his first year, and he broke through the qualifying round and became famous. But in the first round of the World Championships, Zhang Anda’s opponent was Hendry. Under the strong blocking of the “Billiard Emperor”, Zhang Anda failed to go further. Two years later, Hendry, 43, announced his retirement.

The two met again after 12 years. Zhang Anda, who was still very young at the time, is already an experienced professional player, and Hendry, who chose to come back in 2020, is already “old and old”. Zhang Anda led 2:0 in the first two rounds of this campaign, and Hendry pulled one back in the third round, but then, Zhang Anda kept two clean sheets with 78:0 and 75:0 respectively, with a big score of 4:1 Avenged the revenge of 12 years ago.

In the European Masters qualifying match not long ago, Hendry lost to Mark Joyce with a big score of 0:5. The former superstar in the world of billiards is no longer brave.

In the other matches on the first day of the qualifying round, Chinese players Xu Si, Chen Zifan, Zhao Jianbo and Li Xing all won and advanced to the main round.

On the second day of the British Open qualifying round, there will be 4 more Chinese players, the most notable of which is Ding Junhui, who made his debut of the season. His opponent is the “post-95” British teenager Ryans . In addition, Tian Pengfei, another “post-80s” veteran, Lu Ning, who just reached the final in the Champions League, and Lu Haotian, who became the youngest top eight player in the ranking competition in snooker history at the age of 14, will all make their appearances on the day. (Finish)

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