Snezhana Baharova and Vezhdi Rashidov: For her he is “the other part of me”, for him she is his necessary partner

The famous artist and master sculptor Vezhdi Rashidov opened the exhibition “Eyebrows and Friends” on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

Along with him stand with his works 11 friends, some of whom are among the biggest names not only in our art

It can be seen in the Vezhdi Art Gallery at 97 Simeonovsko Shosse Street.

The birthday boy, who will celebrate today – December 14, received the beautiful space as a gift for his anniversary from his wife Dr. Snezhana Baharova, with whom they celebrate 25 years of their marriage.

We asked them to speak

for your relationship, for your feelings,

for love and sharing.

Eyebrows Rashidov

he only wishes

one – Snow

to be alive and

healthy and yes

experience this

life that

fill their home

with the sun

– How did you meet?

Snezhana Bakharova-Rashidova: As usual – by chance, on the birthday of our friend, who later became our godfather. Good things happen by accident.

Rashidov’s eyebrows: All the acquaintances, in my opinion, are the coincidence to which the people jokingly say “blind Sunday”.

It was my close friend’s birthday. A very beautiful and proud lady was walking alone at the cocktail party among many celebrants. We sat next to each other with the legendary journalist Tosho Toshev, watching the audience and enjoying the wonderful white wine. I pushed Tosho and told him: “Look at a beautiful woman!” “It’s not a spoon to your mouth,” he replied. Then I – ambitious and “affected” by his words, stood among the tables and kindly invited her to sit next to us due to lack of seats and from there – as people say “from word of word”…

– When did you fall in love?

Sn. B.: In the beginning it was getting to know and fitting the characters – after all we were not 18. Our love came gradually. It all started as a joke, but it turned out to be very serious. And so we have been together for 25 years, we have gone through many vicissitudes.

VR: Love and hate are complementary processes, they take time in which you either discover qualities that bring you closer and closer, or negative qualities that make you more and more distant. Fortunately, her qualities over time were more stable and better – a mature and self-aware person.

– 25 years together, what brought you together and “merged”?

Sn. B .: That we loved each other, that we liked each other, that we had common interests, we looked in one direction.

VR: This speaks only to the truth that in time we not only do not move away, but we need each other more and more. And this is probably one of the forms of love. She is a person of moderate behavior and stable character, which I need in part.

– Dr. Baharova, you were with him in a very difficult moment, how did you endure, with what feelings did you shake his hand in the clinic?

– In life so far we have gone through many good, but also very difficult moments. He was with me when I lost my parents. I was with him when he lost his father.

It is normal, when we love each other and the two of us, to be by his side even in that difficult moment when we discovered his illness.

It was very difficult in those six months, both for him and for me. But it all passed. Thank God we are healthy.

VR: Yes, we went through many difficult stages, not between us, but such stages that life itself offered us.

She was the person who encouraged me, gave me that chemistry and energy to feel protected and not alone, she was the culprit, because of which I clung to life and overcame the fear that in a moment I might not be with her. Or in short – without her I would hardly be able to tell you this today.

– What do you wish him for the anniversary?

– Just to be alive and healthy and to be together for a long time. Everything else we have.

– And you, Mr. Rashidov, what do you wish for the anniversary?

– All I want is for my family, our children, our grandchildren and our close friends and people alive and well, without whom I cannot live.

– Do you have his favorite painting or sculpture?

– Yes. There are paintings that he painted for me personally and sculptures that he made especially for me. I love them very much, they are very dear to me.

– Do you have a favorite painting or sculpture inspired by Snow?

– When a person gives you the opportunity and the right to feel free as an artist, then everything I still create is inspired by Snow, because thanks to her I have this boundless spiritual space.

– How does it feel to live with an artist?

– Emotional experience. Creators are complex in nature. The world through their eyes is very different. I am a pragmatist because that is my profession. He is emotional, strong creative in nature. Life with him is never boring.

– How does it feel to live with a doctor?

– If I have to answer jokingly, there is nothing more wonderful than living with your home jeep, which loves you. And this is already 50 percent of health. And let us not forget that medicine is one of the most humane and spiritual professions.

– What do you share in the evening?

Sn. B .: Everything.

V.R. Like any traditional family, we sometimes enjoy our days, we often argue, we carry the emotions of our work at home, and we share both successes and failures. And sometimes we are calmly and wisely silent, absorbed in the silence – each in his own way.

– How would you finish the sentence: “Eyebrows, you are for me …”

… The present, the future, the other part of me. ”

– How would you finish the sentence: “Snow, you are for me …”

Мата the required half. ”

“He definitely adores you.” And how do you see it with your beautiful blue eyes?

“I just love him the way he is.”

– What would you make your wife happy with?

– What I want to make her happy is to calm the hell out of me so that her smile can be present all the time – every night and so on until the end.

“And what do you expect from her?”

– Nothing but to be alive and healthy and to live this life that fills our home with sun.


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