Sneijder reveals details from feud with Van Gaal: ‘That was quite intense’

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Wesley Sneijder discusses extensively in his biography his relationship with Louis van Gaal. The former football player ran into the former coach during his career at Ajax and the Dutch national team, while as a player of Internazionale he played against Bayern Munich of Van Gaal in the Champions League final of 2010. Before the final it came The two opposed each other, but according to Sneijder Van Gaal refused to shake hands with him.

Sneijder explains in an interview with the Algemeen Dagblad that he did not click with Van Gaal, as he did with José Mourinho, for example. “Once, as a player of Ajax, I made one fuck you– gesture to the bank. Louis van Gaal was then technical director and he gave me a fine of 10,000 euros ”, Sneijder remembers. “After that I didn’t run into him for years. Until in 2010 we played the final of the Champions League with Inter against the Bayern Munich of Van Gaal. A day before the final, Mourinho, Zanetti, Milito, Cambiasso and I walked to the press room and at that moment Bayern just came off the field. Mourinho and Van Gaal shook hands. I also held out my hand, but Van Gaal ignored me. ”

Sneijder says he is sure that Van Gaal had seen his outstretched hand. “For me it is still sharp on my retina. I said, “Then don’t, we’ll talk tomorrow after the final we’re going to win.” We did win, 2-0, and I didn’t keep my mouth shut afterwards. “You wanted to do smart yesterday, didn’t you? You should have shook your hand, “I said,” said Sneijder, who in his book talks about yet another meeting with Van Gaal. In the 2010/11 season, the two clubs met again. In Milan, Bayern won 0-1, but in Germany the Italians took the longest by a 2-3 victory.

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Wesley Sneijder in a duel with Mark van Bommel. Louis van Gaal watches the background.

“Then I really shouted at him everything. That was quite intense ”, continues Sneijder. When Van Gaal later became national coach, Sneijder was curious about how their relationship would be continued. “When he later became national coach, I thought: oh, what is going to happen between us? But I also knew that public opinion was that everyone wanted me as a captain. And that Van Gaal had previously failed with the Orange. I knew he wouldn’t go against that, but if the time came when he could get me, he’d get me. ”

On the way to the 2014 World Cup, Van Gaal regularly left Sneijder behind, because the midfielder would not be fit enough. About that treatment, the former player of Real Madrid, among others, says that the then national coach pushed him in the right direction. “He was also right somewhere,” says Sneijder. “But not when he took away the captaincy, because it was based on a lie. In 2013 I went out to eat between two international matches. It was Yolanthe’s birthday. The rule was: don’t step in between two games. But I was in a restaurant, not a club. Also after consultation with him. ”

Nevertheless, Van Gaal took the captain’s armband from Sneijder. The midfielder was angry, but did not respond because he wanted to go to the 2014 World Cup anyway. “But when our collaboration was over, it was ready for me too. After the World Cup, there was another party night in Noordwijk, which I missed. There I no longer had to listen to his speech if necessary. In my book I called Van Gaal a genius madman. A brilliant trainer, crazy outside of that too. He is in my top 3 as a trainer, but Mourinho is my number 1 ”, says Sneijder.

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