Snapchat Introduces Section for Videos Creators Can Make Money From – IT Pro – News

Snapchat will have a Spotlight section starting Monday, which will feature vertical videos that creators can monetize. Snap says it gives out a million dollars or more to makers of popular movies every day.

The Spotlight function revolves around short films containing, for example, skits or dances, as the information and video show that Snap has put online. The movies can be up to 60 seconds long, must contain audio, and must be filmed vertically to appear in the section. There is currently no limit to the number of videos that users can upload, but the service says it may impose limits if users are not critical of their own submissions.

With that, Spotlight seems to be an alternative to TikTok, the video app from ByteDance that revolves around short videos with sketches and dances. Snapchat is not the first with that. Instagram halready with Reels a function similar to TikTok. Copying functions is popular among social media companies. Facebook, for example, copied Stories from Snapchat a few years ago and put it in Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp; Twitter recently did the same and calls it Fleets.

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