Snapchat Introduces Features for Parental Control of Children’s Activities within the App

Snapchat announced the launch of a Parental Control CenterIt seeks to protect the safety and integrity of adolescents in the red social.

According to the platform’s statement, the new supervision function will allow guardians to limit the type of content that minors can see on the application mobile, in addition to restricting certain publications that may be harmful to them.

This way of supervision will allow parents to know with which people or profiles conversations are established without the need to violate the privacy Of the youngs.

On the other hand, Jacqueline BeauchereGlobal Head of Security at Snapchatstated that parents need to understand how their children interact on the platform.

“He Family Center gives us a window into his activity online, to find out who they chat with. We hope these tools will empower both parents and teenagers it’s impulsive to security and the welfare online,” he said.

View of the teen in the Snapchat Family Control Center.  (Snapchat)

View of the teen in the Snapchat Family Control Center. (Snapchat)

Depending on the platform, for a padre or mother of a family is linked to the profile of her son or daughter, you need to have an active account in the app.

The creation process is simple and is guided by the app once it is downloaded.

To access the family center There are two ways: through the search bar of the application or through Profile Settings.

To use the tool search, parents should go to the top left of the screen where the magnifying glass icon is located. There you must enter the word “security”, “family” or “parent” to bring up Family Center at the top of the screen as a suggested result.

should go to adjustments of profile, press the icon Setting in the upper right corner and access center familiar.

View of parents in the Snapchat Family Control Center.  (Snapchat)

View of parents in the Snapchat Family Control Center. (Snapchat)

Parents should invite teens to be part of the family center to start monitoring your behavior in the app. This requires that both profiles be friends in Snapchat.

Now, if there is more than one child or minor, each one must be invited to the Family Center, but in any case, only young people among them can join, in addition to the parents. 13 and 18 years old.

The invitation will be sent at the request of the parent by means of a direct message to the adolescent’s profile and will be deleted once the 24 hours just like any regular message would in the app.

Among the special functions that parents will have access to are reviewing the names of the friends that the adolescent has in the application (it does not involve visiting their profiles), in addition to knowing who they have been chatting with in the last 7 days and report any account suspicious to be monitored by the Snapchat service.

To ensure that the teenagers perceive that their security and privacy is being protected even from the view of their parents, the family center offers a preview of what tutors see so they don’t feel like their conversations are being reviewed or their privacy invaded.

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