Snapchat Announces Christmas Glasses | Focus News

EU.- Starting next Tuesday, December 22, Snapchat will have different Christmas-themed lenses available. The above as a measure to make people live better moments even if they are not physically close.

Thus, through the use of smart phone cameras, computer equipment and augmented reality technologies, digital representations of Santa’s beard can be placed on images of people to take family photographs, also with elements. allusive to the season.

Family photography: create the traditional portrait with your whole family thanks to the combination of ML Lens technologies. Thus, even if your loved ones are far away, you will feel that they are close.

Santa Claus Beard: Create your own Snap in the style of Tim Allen in the movie “The Santa Clause” and transform yourself into Santa Claus.

These Snaps can be shared on your timeline within Snapchat.



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