Snakes in Australia: – Checked the rearview mirror

A family from Queensland in Australia was only going on a small picnic, and had parked the car near a forest area near Brisbane.

But when they returned to the car, they were greeted by a frightening sight.

Python around the rearview mirror

A 1.3 meter long carpet python had coiled around the rearview mirror.

If the driver had tried to get in to try to drive the car, he would have ended up staring the snake straight in the eye.

“Another reason to check the rearview mirror before starting the drive”, writes the Australian online newspaper

The family did not approach the car, but instead called snake catcher Josh Castle, who has shared photos of the snake on his Instagram account.

– Forget fur cubes! Only in Australia can you get back to your car and find a carpet python coiled around the rearview mirror.

Narrow crack

He further says that the family had left a narrow crack in the window open, so that the car would stay cool while they were on a picnic.

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It was enough for the slick snake to find its way into the car.

– They came back to this! How Australian it is not, Castle writes in a joking tone.

Castle thus contacted one of its subdivisions, the North Brisbane Snake Catcher, which stepped out on the mission. According to Castle, the outskirts of Brisbane should be “a bit of a hotspot” for snake catching.

That’s what the snake catcher says Daily Mail. He goes on to say that catching a snake can take a long time, because it will often coil even tighter around the object it is hanging around.

– But with this hose it went relatively quickly and smoothly, he says to online newspapers.

Probably sought refuge

Although snakes are a relatively normal sight in the country, the case has been covered by several other Australian media, including Daily Mail Australia and 9News.

According to Castle, the wet weather may have caused the python to seek refuge by sneaking into the window:

– Snakes love to squeeze into small places, such as under the hood of cars, under porches and so on, he says to 9News.

He still believes that it is unusual to find snakes in places like this, and describes it as “quite strange” that the snake sunbathed in the windshield.

– I have never seen it before, he says to

The images of the sensational find have also created reactions on social media, where some use the opportunity to make a joke:

– Objects in the rearview mirror can be closer than it looks, a person writes in the comment fields, according to online newspapers.

Can be 15 kilos

Pythons are large and strongly built snakes that are widespread in Asia, Africa and Australia. They are not poisonous, but kill by slinging their prey so that it suffocates.

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This particular snake must have been a carpet python, a species that can be between two and four meters long and weigh up to 15 kilos, according to Store Norske Leksikon.

The species lives in Australia, New Guinea and nearby islands, and is usually olive green to black, with white or yellowish spots and bands.

It is not endangered, and is kept as a hobby animal in many countries. It is also allowed as a hobby animal in Norway.


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