Smoking videos of Xbox Series X turned out to be fake

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X game console is just getting started, and the internet has already been flooded with videos of a smoking console. The smoke comes out of the top so effectively that rumors immediately spread about the extreme unreliability of the console.

Twitter user AllGamesDelta_ was the first to report such a case, and later user Hirsutophilia posted a video on Reddit commenting on his post as “a set-top box with a fire function.” Then such cases began to appear even more:

The Xbox Studio team showed how to achieve the same effect without even turning on the console. For this, it is enough to pick up a vape and … Then you can easily guess and like this:

At the time of writing, AllGamesDelta_’s Twitter posts and Hirsutophilia’s Reddit posts with video content of smoking consoles have been removed.

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