Smiling next to ‘Baby Mbappe’, Messi was cursed by PSG fans

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

The frantic celebrations for the Team Tango championship in Argentina were successful Lionel Messi received a negative response from Paris Saint-Germain fans (PSG).

During the Argentina national team parade, goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was seen holding a doll with a photo of Kylian Mbappe taped to its face.

The photo of Martinez holding Mbappe’s baby doll immediately went viral. Right next to Mbappe is Messi smiling.

Though the smile was seen by Messi as fans flooded the celebratory party, the 35-year-old player was still targeted by PSG fans.

On social media, one can see the anger towards Messi expressed by PSG fans. Some even wrote messages so that Messi would never return to Paris.

Other netizens have also spoken out about Messi’s success at the 2022 World Cup after the collector of seven Ballon d’Ors played for PSG.

There are also those who compare that if France became world champions, there would be no mockery of Messi as Martinez did with Mbappé.

Another account says that when France held their world championship party four years ago, there was no sarcasm aimed at Croatian star Luka Modric.

Apart from that, there were also those who strongly condemned Martinez. Netizens are annoyed by the behavior of the Aston Villa goalkeeper which is considered excessive.

On the other side are the netizens who defend Messi and Martinez, because Mbappé had belittled football in South America a long time ago, long before the World Cup started.

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