Smell the business opportunities of space economy!Technology women stocks will push new ETF concept stocks soaring | Anue Juheng-US Stocks

Cathie Wood, known as the “female version of Buffett,” has attracted attention in every move. According to the declaration documents exposed on Wednesday, she plans to launch a “space exploration ETF.” Although the constituent stocks have not yet been announced, the share prices of related stocks have risen first after the market. Virgin Galactic (Virgin Galactic) (SPCE-US) Rose 14%, Maxar Techonologies (MAXR-US) Rose more than 15%.

According to the information filed by ARK Investment Management to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Wood will launch the “Ark Space Exploration ETF” under the code ARKX, which will mainly track American companies and global companies operating in space exploration and innovation.

Wood is the chief executive officer of Ark Investments due to heavy bet on Tesla (TSLA-US) Has gained a reputation for outstanding performance, and is known as the “Female Stock God” of technology. She traded the “Ark Innovation ETF” (ARKK-US) It became the world‘s largest active ETF last year. Not only that, five of the top ten ETFs in the world are from Ark Investments, and all are managed by Wood.

After an amazing growth in the past year, the ETF invested by Ark now manages a total of 41.5 billionUSDFunds, less than 3.5 billion compared to this time a year agoUSDA substantial increase.

Despite the disruption of the epidemic, the space industry is still growing steadily in 2020, and the amount of investment has rebounded, showing that investors remain interested in this industry where only a few companies are listed.

This year, the space industry is expected to have more companies going public, either through the traditional IPO process, or through a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) backdoor listing.

Ark Investment divides the space industry into four categories: orbital aerospace, sub-orbital aerospace, propulsion technology, and aerospace beneficiaries.

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