Smejkal took the time to heal his hip. From the beginning in Chomutov, he promises another kick

He was already at the Riga Championships a year ago, he was also present at the February Olympics in Beijing, so he would like to add the third national team in a row. “Matches for the Czechia are the most I can achieve in hockey, so I did not hesitate to invite me,” says Smejkal. coach a few extra days off.

“I haven’t played a match in over two weeks, so the opening three or four turns on Thursday against the Germans will probably be more physically demanding, but I believe that I will soon reach the required level,” says the 25-year-old striker, who had a great balance of 26 + 21 in Lahti. “I really won’t continue in Finland, but I would leave it like that without any specific specification until the new club publishes our agreement,” he said.

However, after Jalonen joining the national team, he perceives as a certain advantage that he has a knowledge of the Finnish mentality and hockey thinking thanks to the last two seasons. “There is a lot of attention to the system, the coaches want the players to do things right and they rely on details and tactics,” says Smejkal, who was looking forward to Chomutov.

He still has great memories of the temporary base of the national team from the jersey of the local Pirates. “It was one of the turning points in his career. I remembered my arrival in Chomutov. I came embarrassed by myself then, I was losing my confidence, but here I woke up in hockey, started playing properly and kicked it right, “he recalls.

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