Smartwatch Shipment Stagnant, Apple Watch Still Best Selling


Shipping smartwatch during Q4 2020 it decreased, which made the chart of shipments during 2020 stagnant.

According to a Counterpoint Research report entitled Global Smartphone Shipments Tracker, Apple was still the company with the highest smartwatch shipments during Q4 2020.

Even compared to the same period the previous year, there was a recorded growth in shipments Apple Watch at 6%, it was quoted detikINET from Techspot, Sunday (7/3/2021).

There is also Samsung which recorded a growth of 1%, although other manufacturers have not done so well. For example Huawei and Fitbit whose market share did not grow, or even fell compared to Q4 2019.

Counterpoint senior analyst Sujeong Lim praised the presence of the Apple Watch SE, which is a mid-range smartwatch and cheaper than the Apple Watch Seris 6. Both were released last September.

According to Lim, Apple Watch SE will force other manufacturers like Samsung to release other smartwatches in the same class. This will lead to even greater adoption of smartwatches.

Indeed, the Apple Watch SE price is quite far apart from the Series 6. That is USD 279 compared to USD 399. Although there are indeed fewer features, such as no always-on screen, ECG, or higher processor capabilities.

Lim also added that in the next three to four years there will be other players who will get a significant market share like Oppo. Their presence is expected to force competitors to present cheaper products.

In Indonesia alone, the percentage of smartwatch users is not yet large. Based on the results of the latest Hootsuite and We Are Social reports, from 202.6 million internet users in Indonesia until January 2021, only around 13.3% are using smartwatches.

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Percentage of internet users aged 16 to 64 who own each type of device, mobile phone (98.3%), smartphone (98.2%), non-smartphone mobile phone (16%), laptop / desktop (74.7 %), tablets (18.5%), TV streaming (6%), game consoles (16.2%), smarthome devices (5.7%), smartwatches / wristbands (13.3%), and virtual reality devices (4.2%).

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