Smartphone Review: Samsung Galaxy A53 which has a million charms for young people A few days ago to be exact on March 17th, Samsung launched their latest Galaxy A line up, namely A53 5G and A33 5G.

However, at the event held by Samsung Indonesia on Friday (19/4) yesterday, there was only the Galaxy A53 that you could try. How does it feel? It turned out to be quite fun!

By fun, what HI means here is the color selection until the features in it really match the young, seriously.

Let’s start from the outside, shall we? There are 4 pastel colors with “Awesome” frills on the front such as Awesome Black, Awesome White, Awesome Blue, and a fairly new color for Samsung, Awesome Peach.

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Dok. HAI

Galaxy A53 5G

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In addition to color, the design that is carried on the back of this phone is mouth-watering and flexible – there are no sharp corners and aggressive lines.

This Galaxy A53 also makes us feel like we fall in love from the eyes to the heart, but it was changed to “from hardware down to software”.

This is because the latest UI from Samsung is equipped with all kinds of features for young people, such as the built-in Snapchat filter in the camera application.

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Galaxy A53 5G

Dok. HAI

Galaxy A53 5G

In addition, the Galaxy A53 supports Mobile Legends players because of the capable processor and 5000mAh battery capacity to play longer.

Unfortunately, this Galaxy A53 can’t be bought now, friend. We have to wait for April 1 first. So be patient!

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