Smartfren Unloads Commissioners and Directors, This is the Latest Composition


Mobile operator Smartphone carry out unloading in the ranks of commissioners and directors. One of them, Djoko Tata Ibrahim, is no longer a director, but has been appointed as a commissioner.

This reshuffle of commissioners and directors is based on the results of the Annual and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) held by the company, Tuesday (12/7).

In data received by detikINET, Wednesday (13/7/2022) the President Commissioner is still held by the former Coordinating Minister for the Economy Darmin Nasution. Likewise, the unchanged President Director’s seat is filled by Merza Fachys.



In order Commissioner Smartfren it did not appear to have changed, in fact there was an addition with the presence of Djoko Tata Ibrahim who filled the commissioner post.

While in the arrangement Director of Smartfren Nevertheless, the number of directors was added with the presence of Robin Mailoa, Andrijanto Muljono, and Gisela Yenny Lesmana.

This is the latest Smartfren Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors:


President Commissioner : DR. Darmin Nasution, SE
Vice President Commissioner : Ferry Salman
Independent Commissioner : Ir. Ketut Sanjaya, MSM
Independent Commissioner : Ir. Sarwono Kusumaatmadja
Independent Commissioner : Jagbir Singh
Commissioner : Djoko Tata Ibrahim


President Director : Merza Fachys
Director : Antony Susilo
Director : Marco Paul Iwan Sumampouw
Director: Shurish Subbramaniam
Director : Robin Mailoa
Director : Andrijanto Muljono
Director : Gisela Yenny Lesmana

In the Annual and Extraordinary GMS Smartphone This also resulted in a number of decisions, ranging from approving and ratifying the annual finances that ended, approving changes to the composition of the company’s board of commissioners and directors.

Then approve changes to the aims and objectives as well as the Company’s business activities by referring to the Standard Classification Provisions for Indonesian Business Fields 2020 (KBLI 2020).

In addition, to approve the Company’s plan to carry out additional capital without granting pre-emptive rights (“Additional Capital)” with a maximum of 31 billion C series shares of the Company or a maximum of 10% of the issued and paid-up capital of the Company.

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