Smartest Human viewers scream at Stefan’s last words and phrases following the release

Erik was the smartest of the evening with 402 seconds. That’s why Stefan and Natasja experienced to compete towards just about every other in the remaining round. It was vital for Stefan to conquer Natasja so that she could progress to the final week. In a head-to-head race it grew to become even extra remarkable which of them would earn the decisive round. When asked what Stefan knew about VVD social gathering chief Sophie Hermans, the singer was unable to give a correct remedy. For this reason she shed her shift and as a result her put in the previous 7 days of the application. According to viewers, Stefan reacts hilariously to her defeat. “But he died from the VVD, just like the rest of the nation.”

Fans of the exhibit are earning by themselves read on Twitter. “Too undesirable Stefan is out. The renowned previous phrases: “The VVD is having me out of this, just like the rest of the region!” ‘Someone else called his remark’ amazing ‘. Another viewer wrote: ‘Stefan’s very best remark in the course of The smartest particular person. ‘

The simple fact that Stefan has fans is not only because of to his humor, simply because viewers also imagined he was a deserving participant. They also hate that he is out. ‘Participating 6 periods and not in the previous week was distinct very last time. Sorry Stefan. ‘ Rob Goossens, who also participates in the application, is also read on Twitter: “To tell the fact: who would have expected Stefan to die?” One more spectator is also not satisfied with this result: “I consider it can be seriously disappointing that Stefan is out.”

Rob Goossens who managed to protected a location in the previous 7 days. He also reveals who his favored applicant is.

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