Smartest Human candidate Martin Rombouts makes mincemeat of Angela de Jong

This season’s candidates don’t know that much, the opinion diva believes. But writer Martin makes short shrift of that thought. He wonders: ‘Is this season so much worse than the season that Angela de Jong won?’ The answer: “Long story short: no,” writes Martin.

Martin has been racking his brains and compared this season’s scores with those of the season in which Angela won the trophy. ‘This season’s candidates score 10.7% better per episode than in Angela de Jong’s season.’ A leaf in his Instagram Stories shows some scribbling. Whether his calculations are correct is unknown.

Doesn’t Martin think Angela is smart? ‘Angela was a good candidate, you know. Got a little more points per episode than Anniek, Quinty and I did. But that was of course in a weak season.’ He makes the profit of the ADdiva as ‘easy to score’. ‘Angela de Jong knew a lot, but the others left a lot of easy points for her,’ he says.

Phew, that will be fun in the app group full of winners The smartest person if Martin is going to win this season. The former winners are all in a Whatsapp group.

In this season also does the presenter of the Belgian Smartest Human, Erik Van Looy, along. In the video below he says that he has wanted to participate in the program for a long time.

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