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[Special report]During the epidemic, you cannot fly to Japan to travel and shop. If you want to solve the “Japanese lovesickness”, online shopping is also a good way! However, some people worry that international shipping is too expensive, and they are also afraid that online purchases of expensive products lack protection. Therefore, when choosing an online shopping platform, you should find some “time-honored brands” to be more assured.

Like Taiwan’s “Funbid”, which has been in business for many years, it is a long-term partner of Japan’s Yahoo and Japan’s Rakuten two well-known online shopping platforms. Recently, it has brought its business to Hong Kong and hopes to create a Japanese shopping platform that belongs to Hong Kong people.

One of the most appreciated is that Funbid has a Hong Kong Cantonese customer service and a Hong Kong branch. The shopping process is simple and convenient. It is delivered directly to Hong Kong by Japanese air freight, and received within 3-6 working days, and you can also choose to pick up the goods for inspection. , Goods can be returned if they are damaged, and full compensation will be paid if they are sent by mistake, which makes people quite at ease.

Funbid is now launching full free international shipping discounts to seize the last chance

From now until January 31, purchases over HK$500[free international shipping]and platform service fees are also free, and up to 8% rebate is provided by Rakuten Shopping. This is an extremely discount, not to be missed.

According to official disclosures, Funbid will launch international free shipping discounts in February. For detailed discounts, you can pay attention to the announcement to guarantee surprises! Definitely have expectations!

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If you have any questions, you can directly contact the Funbid customer service hotline to solve the problem professionally!


Funbid Japan purchasing process lazy bag: Purchasing lazy bag

Customer Service Phone: 34688168

Company Address: Room 04, 20th Floor, China Shipbuilding Building, 650 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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