Smart Astronomical Telescopes: Observing the Night Sky with Ease

Smart Astronomical Telescopes: Observing the Night Sky with Ease

Visitors looking at smart astronomical telescopes

At the ‘Edtech Korea Fair 2023’, an astronomical telescope that can ‘smartly’ observe the night sky was exhibited.

This product can be linked with a smart device to check the shooting results. You can connect up to 10 devices and save the captured screens.

Equipped with multiple astronomical object databases, you can filter and track constellations that can be observed from your current location.

Telescope application that displays observable constellations

For example, if you install the product in the front yard of Seoul City Hall and select the constellation Virgo among the observable celestial bodies, the telescope will automatically adjust to view the constellation and take pictures.

Kim Dong-ho, CEO of Mentor Science, said, “With light pollution reduction technology applied, we can observe celestial bodies even in the city. Even beginners can use it easily, so students can observe stars vividly and become interested in space.” explained.

Meanwhile, the ‘2023 Edtech Korea Fair’ will be held at COEX Hall A in Samseong-dong until the 23rd.

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