Small electric cars Rp 230 million Wuling very hunted, what happens next?


The Wuling Air ev has only been on sale for a month in the Indonesian market, but the consumer response to the small electric car is quite extraordinary. Will Wuling Motors continue this strategy by introducing a full battery people carrier electric car?

Wuling Motors says more than 3,000 units of Air ev have been ordered. This figure is certainly quite surprising, considering that a small car like the Air ev doesn’t have a large market share in Indonesia. The large market segment in Indonesia is still held by the 7-seater minivan.

Dian Asmahani, Brand & Marketing Director of Wuling Motors, spoke about the opportunity for Wuling to present electric cars with other models in Indonesia. According to Dian, it is very likely that electric minivans will develop in Indonesia in the future.


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“We will see, yes. If we look at the global trend, it leads to environmentally friendly vehicles, regardless of type. This does not rule out the possibility (of introducing electric minivans in Indonesia)”, Dian on the sidelines of Media Drive Air ev business in Jakarta (19/9/2022).

As Indonesia is still entering a period of transition or transition from conventional motor vehicles to electric motor vehicles, the main thing that needs to be studied first is people’s habits and how they accept electric vehicles.

“It’s just that if we look at this year’s focus, that’s right initial phase Yes, Indonesia is entering EV, this is still in its early years, transition years. We will see what kind of consumers they actually are behavioron this electric car, and the progress is quite remarkable. The government also pushed for the infrastructure and issued a lot of regulations (which support the EV ecosystem), “he said.

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