Small cayenne peppers, this is why Poco M5 uses Helio G99

In early November 2022, Poco released the M5, the next M series in the Poco portfolio. Embracing the concept of “extreme performance, extreme price”, the M5 delivers performance game And content creation best in class at an affordable price, only IDR 2.3 million!

To support its performance, Poco has equipped the M5 with the latest components. One of them is the SoC made by MediaTek, Helium G99. What is the secret behind using Helio G99 in a little m5?

Proven through AnTuTu score


In a webinar on Tuesday (6/12), Program Manager, Customer, MediaTek, ChuChuan Yen, said that currently the G99 is the world’s most powerful 6nm manufactured TSMC SoC for game at the moment. Moreover gamethe G99 also offers powerful processing and display support refresh rate 120Hz camera and up to 108MP.

Yen claims the G99’s AnTuTu results are 35% better than competitors in its class and 5-8% better than its predecessor, the G96. Agreeing with Yen’s statement, Jeksen, Product Marketing Manager of POCO Indonesia, said that the M5’s AnTuTu score was 332,289 in its price range!

“A huge contribution to guarantee the experience game the best,” Yen said.

Aside from that, Jeksen added that the M5 is packed with features Turbo 5.0 game who can help the players. While showing refresh rate DynamicSwitch 90Hz, the M5’s FHD+ display has touch sample rate up to 240Hz. Along with the NFC feature, Jeksen said that this mobile is one of Poco’s best weapons to close out 2022.

“The best smartphone to hunt down at the end of this year. Extreme performance at no less extreme price,” said Jeksen.

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Tested for game

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To ensure the best performance, G99 has an 8-nucleus based on Cortex-A76 with speeds up to 2.2GHz and Cortex-A55 with 2.0GHz. The result, by single core And multicorethe G99’s CPU is 40 and 20 percent better than the competition, respectively.

In addition to the CPU, the G99 is also equipped with a GPU manufactured by Arm, the Mali-G57 MC2. Yen claims that this GPU is 75% better than its competitor’s GPU. The G99 also marks the times you open apps, from light everyday apps to apps gameup to 50% faster in its class.

In his presentation, Yen explained that the G99 had been tested to work mobile game famous, dude Genshin Impact, Call of Duty Mobile, to PUBG. For game such, Yen said the view frame rate can hit 30–60 fps at up to HD and Ultra graphics quality.

In addition to being sturdier, Yen said the G99 is 20 percent more energy efficient than its competitors game is seen refresh rate tall. For everyday use, from phone to download filethe G99 is guaranteed to be 10% more energy efficient.

“Compared to its 6nm competitors, the G99 delivers efficient and power-saving performance for gaming, productivity, and mobile photographyYen said

Don’t be outdone by a 5G connection

Small cayenne peppers, this is why Poco M5 uses Helio G99Bit M5 (

While currently HP manufacturers are focusing on 5G support, Poco has released the M5 with Helio G99 which is a 4G SoC. Does this mean that Poco is late? Apparently not!

According to MediaTek’s Country Director for Indonesia and the Philippines, Cedric Chang, said 4G will continue to survive due to its widespread use in Indonesia. POCO Indonesia head of marketing Andi Renreng added that while Indonesia is focusing on 5G, that doesn’t mean 4G has been abandoned.

Furthermore, Andi said that Poco had introduced the 5G series in the M line with the M3 Pro 5G. In addition to maintaining performance, having the M5 with a 4G SoC is an option for those limited to 4G, according to him.

“As 5G spots are spreading, it doesn’t mean that 4G is abandoned. Many areas even though they focused on 5G, they also strengthen 4G signal. So, speed adaptation will be possible with G99,” he said Andi.

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