Slower metabolism as you get older? That’s a myth –

Many people gain a few pounds over the years. The fact that the metabolism slows down from your thirties is often mentioned as a reason. It is a myth, scientists conclude, who are also surprised themselves.

The researchers examined 6,400 people between the ages of eight days and 95 years in 29 countries. Bottom Line: Metabolism remains stable until people get over 60. Metabolism peaks at the age of 1 and hardly changes between the ages of 20 and 60. After that it gets slower.

The researchers speak of surprising new insights into how the body works. “The most surprising thing to me is that the metabolism stays stable until you are 60. So a slower metabolism is no longer an excuse to gain weight,” said Professor John Speakman of the University of Aberdeen to BBC News.

Professor Tom Sanders of the renowned King’s College London reacts to the study. “Very interesting that they found hardly any difference in the total energy expenditure of young adults compared to middle-aged people, a period when most adults gain weight.”

Sanders emphasizes: “These findings support the idea that the obesity epidemic is caused by excessive food intake and not by decreasing energy expenditure.”

Bron (nen): BBC News

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